Code of Conduct (Howick Hawks Minor Ball)

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Howick Hawks Minor Ball Code of Conduct

It is expected that all parents, players and coaches will:

1.      Behave in a respectful and honest manner towards all officials of the game as well as towards all players and coaches on all teams.  Their behavior will be expected to set a positive example and attitude for all involved in the game of baseball

2.      Have a basic understanding of the Official Rules of Baseball that pertain to the level that they are playing, observing or coaching.  If you require a copy of the rules a member of the executive will provide you with a copy. 

3.      Follow all of the Laws of the Land and request assistance from the appropriate authorities when needed. 

4.      Should you have a problem or concern the proper escalations must occur.

a.      Reach out to your coach or parent representative.  If you feel they have not resolved the concern to your satisfaction.

b.      Provide, in writing, your problem or concern to Howick Minor Ball executive – who will review and provide next steps. 

Consequences of not following the Code of Conduct

The H.H.M.B. executive will investigate complaints of violations of this Code of Conduct and may act in one or both of the following manners:

1.      For a first offence a recorded reprimand from H.H.M.B. will be issued to the member. 

2.      For a second offence or a grievous 1st offence (discretion of the Executive) an additional game suspension(s) will occur. 

3.      Further offences will result is removal from Howick Hawks Minor Ball program for all parents and children within the family.